50 Shades of Red

Are sluggish, error-prone processes handcuffing your performance and profitability? Is there too much red ink on your income statement? If you are like most companies, you can be profitable and still be bleeding a third of total revenues through your Fix-it Factory.

Stop torturing yourself! Decide right now to get out of the "Red Room of Pain".

Use the Magnificent Tools of Lean (Post-it Notes for value stream mapping and spaghetti diagramming) to eliminate preventable delays, employee movement and transportation of work products. Eliminating these non-value added wastes will double your speed and profitability. And Lean cuts errors in half.

Then use the Magnificent Tools of Six Sigma (control chart, pareto chart, fishbone diagram) to count, categorize and correct the defects and deviation causing you and your customers the most pain.

Fix the "worst first." Continue until everything smoothes out. And remember, every time you introduce a new product, service, machine, system or whatever into the business, you're going to have to use these tools all over again.

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