Looking for Free Lean Six Sigma Training?

We Offer Free Video Courses with Optional Certification

Take all of the training for free. Multiple choice exam is offered at the end. No credit card is required until you pass the exam.

White Belt Training

For those who want a basic working knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma.

Course includes 18 video tutorials and a 60 question exam. Optional certification for $75 USD upon passing exam.

Yellow Belt Training

For those who will be participating on a Lean Six Sigma improvement project or team.

Course includes 75 video tutorials and a 140 question exam. Optional certification for $97 USD upon passing exam.

* Note: All white belt videos are included in the yellow belt series.

Green Belt Training

For those who will participate in multiple projects or will lead a project.

Consider watching the yellow belt video tutorials first.

Course includes 58 video tutorials to view as needed.

Agile LSS Train the Trainer

For trainers, consultants or anyone wishing to teach Agile Lean Six Sigma.

The Agile Lean Six Sigma approach delivers understanding, application and results in just one day.


FAQs About Six Sigma Certification

Who Can Issue a Six Sigma Certification?

There isn’t a single certification body or standard for Six Sigma. Therefore, Six Sigma Certifications are issued by a wide range of entities such as consulting companies, associations like ASQ, universities and community colleges.

Each program is different and may include any or all of these methods: classroom or on-line training, written exams, completion of an improvement project, and experience requirements. The American Society for Quality has created a Body of Knowledge (BOK) that it uses for its Green Belt and Black Belt certifications.

What Makes You Qualified to Issue a Certification?

Our certification curriculum has been developed by Jay Arthur, who has more than 25 years of experience in quality and process improvement. Jay is the author of two popular books: Lean Six Sigma Demystified and Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals, published by McGraw Hill.

He also created one of of the best selling tool kits for Lean Six Sigma: QI Macros for Excel. QI Macros has more than 100,000 users in 80 countries and is used by many consultants and college professors who teach Six Sigma and related courses.

We have certified more than 1,100 Yellow Belts.

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