Getting Results from Lean Six Sigma

Before you invest years and $500,000+ implementing Lean Six Sigma, you should know that you can start getting results immediately for less than $25,000.


As a certified Six Sigma Black Belt with more than $30,000 of Six Sigma training under my belt I feel I am qualified to state categorically that your products and methods are truly outstanding and, most important of all, they get RESULTS.

- Brittain Ladd
Manager of Domestic Transportation
Michaels Stores, Inc.

Many people have been trained in Lean Six Sigma: 1.5 million green belts, 250,000 black belts, but are companies getting the ROI they hoped for?

In some cases yes, most often the answer is no.

Some people are certified, but never do a project. Even fewer actually complete a project. While Lean Six Sigma training is great for resumes, it isn't always great for the bottom line. That's why Jay says we need more Money Belts - people who can use a handful of tools to save money and add it to the bottom line.

Jay brings common sense to complex topics like Lean Six Sigma.

-Derek Kosiol

Lean Six Sigma Training Options:

Results don't come from training... Results come from projects!
And projects are great learning environments.

Here's what I know for sure based on 50 years of research in to how cultures adopt change:

  • When 4% of employees have successfully participated on a team, Lean Six Sigma will "stick" in your company (One or more teams).
  • When 16-25% of employees have participated on a successful team, Lean Six Sigma will become unstoppable. (5-20 teams.) Word of mouth will spread it throughout your company.

I also know that half of typical Lean Six Sigma implementations fail. Don't let that happen to you.

Start by getting results, then worry about transforming the culture. Let's face it, investing in Lean Six Sigma can be scary, that's why I encourage you to buy what you need when you need it.

We offer "pay as you get results" method for implementing Lean Six Sigma. You can start with as little as one day of training or a three day boot camp, or schedule several over a period of a year to maximize results and learning.

Lean Six Sigma Bootcamp

Get in the fast lane to Lean Six Sigma results with this three day bootcamp, designed to be the fastest, easiest, most direct path to bottom-line, profit-enhancing, productivity boosting results with Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma Workshop

This one day workshop is a crash course designed to jump-start your Lean Six Sigma improvements and results.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Training and Certification

Discover how to use Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques through comprehensive Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification.

What People Are Saying...

Jay takes the "Ninja Mystique" out of Lean Six Sigma!

- Davis Balestracci
author of Data Sanity

It makes me nuts how companies feel they must spend millions on training Black Belts to improve their situation. I see it all the time. This self promoting nature of Six Sigma professionals is pure hypocrisy and may ultimately be the downfall. After all, how many companies are going to waste millions on training with no results even though it is the fault of the leadership for thinking that Six Sigma training is all they need, they will blame it on Six Sigma.

- Greg Sieber, 6 Sigma Tech

Planning a meeting or conference in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, Vail or Keystone? Consider Jay for one of your breakout sessions. Call now to book Jay for a pre-conference workshop on Lean Six Sigma or breakout session.

Is Jay Arthur the right instructor for you?

Over the years, Jay has worked with teams that, in a matter of days or weeks:

  • Reduced denied insurance claims in a healthcare system that saved $5,000,000 a year with simple process changes that could be implemented immediately.
  • Trained a toll road team that saved $1.5 million in expenses their first year and an additional $1 million per year over the following two years.
  • Saved $20 million in postage expense
  • Save $16 million in adjustment costs
  • Reduced order errors in a wireless company from 17% to 3% in just four months saving $250,000 a month in rework.

Jay has found that a handful of methods and tools can solve most quality problems and deliver remarkable results. Using Jay's "just in time" training techniques can jump start your improvements and results.

Jay is the Author of Lean Six Sigma DeMystified, McGraw Hill, several John Wiley books and the creator of the QI Macros for Excel.

When is on-site training right for you?

  • Do you have 15 or more employees to train?
  • Would you like to save money on tuition and travel?
  • Would you like to get training tailored to your needs?
  • Would you like to start getting results as quickly as possible?
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