Releasing Unwanted Emotions

A friend of mine mentioned she'd been studying The Sedona Method for changing unwanted emotions. So I, of course, got curious and read the book by Hale Dwoskin (Sedona Press, Sedona, AZ, 2003). In essence, the apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, pride, courageousness, acceptance, and peace you are holding onto are blocking your access to even greater success.

You're probably thinking: "Wait a minute! Aren't courageousness, acceptance and peace good things?" Yes they are, but if you're attached to them or addicted to them, then they can control you. You might want to consider releasing them as well.

It's surprisingly simple to release unwanted and limiting emotions using this method. It involves a few key questions. There's a simple, step-by-step formula for letting go:

  1. Focus on an issue. What are you feeling?
  2. Ask yourself, in sequence:
    • Could I welcome this feeling?
    • Could I let this feeling go?
    • Would I let it go? Would I rather have this feeling or would I rather be free?
    • When?

Could I? Would I? And when? What could be simpler than that?

The Power of Questions

This is the power of questions. A good sequence of questions in the right order can lead to powerful discoveries.

Are you resisting health, wealth, love or happiness? The author also suggests that you can use these questions on resistance. He says: The great obstacle to being in the flow: resistance. Have you ever noticed that when you resist something, it pushes back? Resist a new idea at work, and someone or something will push back. Resist a "should" from your parents or spouse, and they will push back.If you step aside and let it go, it loses strength. Here's how to use the questions for resistance:

  1. Focus on an issue you've been resisting?
  2. Ask yourself, in sequence:
    • Could I welcome this resistance?
    • Could I let go of resisting this?
    • Could I let go of not resisting this?
    • Would I let it go? Would I rather stay stuck in resistance or would I rather be free?
    • When?

When there is no resistance, there is only flow. And flow is effortless.

Questions Are Power Tools

Questions force you to come up with an answer, to delve deep into your mind, to excavate new understandings and meanings.

A question can create direction and motivation, or it can make you hesitate. A question can unlock a limitation or remove a barrier to your future. What questions have you been asking yourself and how can they now be easily changed to create the life you want?

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