Get More Customers Using the Irresistible Language of Motivation Marketing!

Ever wonder why some marketing works better than others? One main issue is that most marketing is about the company or its products, not the customer and their needs. The best marketing is about "what's in it for me, the customer." But beyond that, many companies are starting to embrace the irresistible language of Motivate Everyone. Like:

Outback Steakhouse: "No Rules, Just Right." "No rules" is options language for innovators; "just right" is procedural language. So eating at Outback is both an option and a procedure! This is a clear example of speaking out of both sides of your mouth so that all of your customers can hear your message.

Oppenheimer funds: "The right way to invest." "The right way to invest" is procedural language. So Oppenheimer Funds wants people who invest procedurally, not options-oriented people who trade stocks or funds all the time. Could they get more customers by saying: "The right way to invest from a variety of funds?" (Procedures then options) My guess is yes.

Dodge or Apple Computer: "Different!" Remember that 5% of the population likes things to stay the same, 65% likes them to get better or make progress, while the remaining 30% like new and different things. Difference people make changes every 1-2 years. So both Apple and Dodge are positioning themselves as the new and different alternative to years of boring sameness and improvement. And they want people who buy new computers or cars every couple of years instead of driving their old laptop, desktop or truck into the ground. Considering that the market for Dodge trucks is probably farmers, ranchers, and construction workers, "different" may not match their market that well.

Microsoft (or any software supplier): "Upgrade!" This is "progress" language aimed at the 65% of people who want improved, enhanced, and expanded products.

Traildust Steakhouse: "Fresh cuts daily, old favorites nightly." New meat and old tunes-it's both different and the same!

Blue Cheer Detergent: New! Improved! Blue Cheer in the old familiar blue box. It's different, improved and the same!

Hitachi Flat Panel Monitors: "Haven't you waited long enough?" For the 60-80% of the market who've been sitting on the fence, passively waiting for something to trigger them to buy a flat panel display, this is irresistible language. Hitachi is saying, in effect, "you've thought about it, why not buy one now?" Hitachi wants a much larger share of market-the ones that haven't yet decided to buy, but they're thinking about it.

Nike: Just do it! This is irresistible language for active people.

Get the idea? Your marketing can do the same thing.

Toward/Away: Achieve your dreams without sacrificing a thing
External/Internal: Doctors agree, but decide for yourself
Options/Procedures: No rules, just right
Passive/Active: Haven't you waited long enough? Just do it!
Sameness/Progress/Difference: New! Improved! Your Product Name Here!

What if, like Oppenheimer Funds, you want to selectively eliminate certain types of customers (e.g., options or difference people who change all the time)? Then craft a slogan that leaves out the irresistible language for that kind of person. Focus on the clients and customers you want!

Then all you have to do is get your new and improved message in front of your prospects often enough to satisfy their convincer strategy (number-of-times or period-of-time) and they'll be much more likely to buy.

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