Life is Hard

One of my NLP friends recently complained that finding a husband was hard. She's 40, attractive, outgoing, and athletic, so there shouldn't be a problem, but there is. When I probed about this belief (finding a husband is hard), she started telling me about all the men she sees who aren't right and all of the marriages she sees that struggle.

This is the problem with a limiting belief; it illuminates the data that confirms itself. If you believe finding a husband is hard, you will see all of the men that aren't quite right and all of the marriages that struggle or fail. You simply won't be able to see the good men all around and the marriages that are working because the belief won't let the information in!

I asked my friend what she would prefer as a belief, she said that she'd like to believe that finding a husband is effortless.

I once had an editor who told me that finding a husband was easy, but that keeping the husband was hard (she'd been married several times).

Life is Hard!

I meet people who tell me that life is hard, so their life is full of hardships.

What do you believe is hard? What do you believe is easy?

Life can be Easy!

I believe there are easy ways to do things and hard ways to do things. I prefer the easy way. I actively stalk the effortless path. And the process is simple, yet counterintuitive:

  1. Set your intent to have, be, do, or get whatever it is that you want.
  2. Release your attachment to the outcome (I'm open to winning the lottery, I'm just not attached to it.)
  3. Follow your hunches about what to do next until you achieve your outcome.
  4. At some point you'll be tempted to retreat from your goal, but hang in there; some achievements take longer than others.

I used to teach classes on attracting romance. Men and women often reported that after they had clearly defined what they wanted in a mate and relaxed about finding the person, they would get insights, intuitions, and hunches about what to do. One woman reported that she got a hunch to go fill her car with gas. She did and met the nicest guy at the pump.

The only thing that stops you from having what you want is the limiting beliefs inside your mind. Take some time to debug your mental software. Change your limiting beliefs about life is hard, work is hard, marriage is hard, or whatever. Set an intent. Let go of attachment. Trust your hunches. Take action on your hunches. Most achievements occur like some crazy treasure hunt. One thing leads to another that leads you to something better than you could have imagined.

Life can be easy, if you want it to be.

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