Healing Power of Belief

There is mounting evidence that belief in a cure may be as important if not more important than the cure itself. Harvard Medical School decided to study the effectiveness of different placebos; not drugs, but placebos themselves. They found that the bedside rituals used with patients to induce a belief in the cure "may be the critical component" in healing. While infections may require antibiotics, medical problems like pain, depression, and even progressive diseases like Parkinsons and cancer can benefit from the healing power of belief.

Another study compared the top five antidepressants with placebos and found that the placebos duplicated 80% of the effects which lead researchers to consider the other results clinically negligible.

Hope plus trust speeds the healing

The Healing Power of Belief

Is it possible to believe your way into health? These studies suggest that it is possible.

How do you install a healing belief? For some people it may be as simple as hearing a trusted doctor say in a confident voice that this drug or treatment will cause healing.

You can also use the power of KnowWare to install a belief about healing. All you need are three Post-it notes that read:

  • Healing Belief
  • Open to Believe
  • Sacred Beliefs

Set the three notes out in a straight line on the floor. Now you will want to set up some associations with these notes. So first, think about something else you're open to believe (I'm open to believe that I can become a better golfer). Once you have something specific, step onto the "Open to Believe" note. Notice how you're standing. Notice your posture, your head tilt, and the position of your hands.

Step off and think about one of your sacred beliefs. Where do you hold these in your body? Once you have one, step onto the Sacred Beliefs note. Notice how you feel and stand.

Step off and walk around and step onto the first note: Healing Belief.

Say to yourself:" I believe that _____ will heal me." Let any supporting evidence that this will help you heal sink into your mind.

Step onto Open to Believe and say to yourself: "I'm open to believe that ____ will heal me. Let any additional supporting evidence sink into your mind.

Step onto the Sacred Beliefs note and say: "I believe that ____ will heal me." Allow this belief to become the same as any other sacred belief.

This may seem awkard at first, so you can continue to refresh the new belief every day or so until it takes hold.

The Healing Power of The Mind

Here's my point: We've only just begun to explore the healing power of the mind. Where medical science ends, the mind may take us to new heights of health and well being. Beyond that, spiritual healing will take us even farther. When you engage the body, mind and spirit in healing, you accelerate your path to wellness.

We're not going to live forever, but we may be able to live better and longer without all of the side effects of our medical placebos.

Isn't it time to start exploring the hidden power of your mind?

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