End the Means!

For most people, a job is just a means to an end: to be able to get what they want, do what they want, where they want, with people they like.

But when a job fits your values and motivation style, it ceases to be a means and it becomes the end you've always been searching for. It's not a means to joy, but joy itself.

Why do people with lots of money keep doing what they do? Why don't they retire and kick back? Because they love what they do! It's an end, not a means.

With the economy heating up, employers can only handle increasing demand with overtime up to a certain point. At some point, you have to hire more people. Do you want those people to see this job as a means to an end, or the end in itself?

Profile the values and motivation style required for your expanding job needs. Use the questions in Motivate Everyone to hire the right people for those jobs…people who will see that job as more than just a means to an end.

When people take joy in their work, it radiates out to the customers they serve. It doesn't matter if it's an internal customer or the external buyer. And the magic of that joyousness will infuse your products and services with something intangible that customers can feel none the less.

Isn't it time to start creating a workplace that encourages the end of means?

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