Dealing with Difficult People - Part 7

Have you ever worked with someone who belonged to the Nike school of performance: Just Do It! You can't hardly get them to think about a new idea before they've implemented it. On the other hand, have you ever worked with someone who studies things to death before they do anything? They're 50 and still thinking about starting to invest for retirement?

Doers vs Thinkers

Doers get things done, but they can fall into tar pits because they don't consider all of the issues involved. Thinkers avoid tar pits but can take so long to get into action that they miss the opportunity completely.

  • Doers just do it!
  • Thinkers have to reflect and consider the appropriate course of action before doing anything.

I think the ideal is think, then do. Too much of either one can be a problem.

There's no simple question to help you determine if someone is a doer or a thinker. Just observe how they behave.

  • Doers jump into action.
  • Thinkers retreat to their office to reflect and consider.

It's that easy!

The Language of Connection, Not Conflict

Once you know if someone is a doer or a thinker, you can connect with them more easily by using their language.

  Influencing Language


Just do it!

How soon do you think you can have this done?


Haven't you waited long enough to...or are you going to wait until it's too late?

Doers don't take much prodding: When can you have this done?

If you are trying to influence a thinker, give them some time to think. Then ask: "Haven't you waited long enough to get started on your homework Billy? Or are you going to wait until it's too late to do the work necessary to get an A?

Get the idea? Haven't you waited long enough to learn the simple questions and influencing language necessary to create great results in your life? Are you going to get started now or wait until it's too late?

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