Watch How to Use QI Macros to Draw Charts

Described in the Six Sigma Handbook, by Pyzdek and Keller

Six Sigma Handbook

A popular book, Six Sigma Handbook, ©2014 McGraw-Hill. The book covers how to implement Six Sigma and control charts.

It's easy to use the QI Macros to create the run charts, p/u charts and XmR charts that feature prominently in the book. If you have installed QI Macros (purchased or trial) you already have an Excel spreadsheet containing many of the data sets described in this book. Look in: My Documents > QI Macros Test Data >Pyzdek Six Sigma Handbook.xlsx. (Also look in c:\program files]\qimacros\testdata.)

Watch the videos below to learn how to use QI Macros to create each chart. The page reference for the data used in each video is listed to the right. The book doesn't contain the data for all of the charts, but these should get you started.

Six Sigma Handbook Page
XbarR and XmR Chart 313
p Chart 325
np Chart 329
u Chart 332
c Chart 335
EWMA Chart 373
Scatter Chart 394
t Test 459

How to create XbarR and XmR Charts

How to create p chart

How to create np Chart

How to create u Chart

How to create c Chart

How to create an EWMA

How to create a Scatter Chart

How to create t Test

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