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Jay Arthur, Lean Six Sigma Resultant, Denver, CO, USAI have a dream: Imagine a world where there are no mistakes, errors, delays or defects in products or services. Imagine how the fast, flawless delivery of products and services would eliminate much of the turbulence and worry from everyday life. Imagine how smooth and effortless every business transaction would become. Imagine how the absence of waste and rework would reduce the cost of everything by as much as one-third and lead to a greener planet because we wouldn't need to use more energy to rework flawed products or burden landfills with unusable products, materials or chemicals. Imagine how high quality products and services would make customers more secure that they are spending their money wisely which will lead to greater demand which will lead to full employment

Corporate Mission: To help businesses, small and large, service and manufacturing, use the Magnificent Seven tools of Lean Six Sigma to drive dramatic performance improvements that will create an unstoppable global economy:

  • Focus - Laser-focus to pinpoint the 4% of any business that produces over half of the waste, rework, and lost profit (the 4-50 Rule).
  • Improve - Reduce or eliminate delay, defects and variation in all business processes.
  • Sustain the Improvement - Use control charts and histograms to measure, monitor and sustain new levels of performance.
  • Honor Your Progress - recognize, reward and refocus on the next 4%.

KnowWare works with companies that want a short-cut to Lean Six Sigma results.

Personal Mission: To help people everywhere use the essence of KnowWare to live better lives:

  • Change the Past by debugging your mental software
  • Design the Future using the simple secrets of Effortless Achievement
  • Power the Present by upgrading your mental software to include the strategies of genius.

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