Mousetraps or Processes

In the April 2009 Inc. magazine, Jim Collins says that "There has been a big shift away from seeing the essence of entrepreneurship as the creation of a better mousetrap to viewing it as the development of a better process." Instead of building a better mousetrap, he says, "Isn't it much more important to create a better process that will produce many mousetraps over time?"

Build a Better Process

And isn't this the essence of Lean Six Sigma? To build a better, faster, more efficient, more effective process?

  • Simplify: Use Lean's 5S to simplify the work area.
  • Streamline: Use spaghetti diagrams and value stream maps to streamline the work flow.
  • Optimize: Use Six Sigma to focus, improve, sustain and honor your progress toward eliminating all defects and deviation.

If good is the enemy of great, why not become a process entrepreneur? Why not become obsessed with tweaking existing processes to delight customers and employees? 

Why not? 

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