Breakthrough Improvements Using QI Macros add-in and Excel

The Long Suppressed SECRET to Maximizing Profits

Every company wastes one-third of total revenues:

  • Fixing stuff that shouldn't need fixing (rework)
  • Throwing stuff away that can't be fixed (waste)
  • Doing stuff that no one wants (waste)


Excel PivotTables are the Secret for Finding Hidden Riches in Any Business!

Breakthrough Improvement Excel

Breakthrough Improvement eliminates waste and rework. It's easy using Excel and QI Macros.

Preface - Book Introduction by Jay Arthur

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Videos by Chapter

Chapter 1: Spreadsheet Design for Breakthrough Improvement

Chapter 2: Excel Formulas for Breakthrough Improvement

Excel Formulas
Excel Text Formulas

Chapter 4: The Magnificent Seven Tools for Breakthrough Improvement

The Magnificent Seven Tools

Chapter 5: Follow the Money for Breakthrough Improvement

Healthcare Denied Claims Case Study
False Fire Alarms Case Study

Chapter 6: Where's the Pain?

Service Order Errors Example
Pareto Charts
Fishbone Diagrams

Chapter 8: Excel Power Tools for Breakthrough Improvement

Reducing Defects
Reducing Variation
Checklist for Data Collection
Countermeasures Matrix

Chapter 9: Breakthrough Improvement Using Excel

Pivottable Overview
Packaging Defects Example
Denied Claims Example
Emergency Room Example
ICU Medications Example
Pivottable Exercises

Install QI Macros 30-day trial. Open pivottable.xlsx sample data under QI Macros Help tab on far right of menu. Create a Pivottable and:

  1. Use Control Charts to show defects or costs over time.
  2. Use Pareto Charts to narrow the focus.
  3. In the PivotTable, double click on a Total for the "big" bar on the pareto to "drill down". Can you do another level of pareto?
  4. Insert a Fishbone diagram into the sheet.
  5. Modify the problem statement to reflect the "big bar" on the pareto chart.

Each of the three sheets should have a control chart, pareto chart and fishbone diagram.

Chapter 10: Sustaining Breakthrough Improvement | Chap 11: Excel Drawing Tools

Control Charts
Capability Analysis
Wafer Strength Example
Auto Diameters Example

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