Free, Perfect and Now

A Lean Six Sigma Money Belt Manifesto

Did you know that:

  • A typical company wastes one-third of total revenue fixing preventable problems caused by delay, defects and deviation?
  • One-half of all Lean Six Sigma implementations fail after three years and millions of dollars invested?
  • It can take a year or more to start getting results with a typical Lean Six Sigma implementation?
Free, Perfect and Now

Perfect + Now = FREE

When companies are slow and quality is poor, consumers are confused and unsure what to buy; everything seems prohibitively expensive. When products and services are delivered fast and flawlessly, they are worry-free.

free perfect now chart imageDo you think:

  • Lean Six Sigma only applies to manufacturing?
  • Projects take weeks, months, even years to complete?
  • You need CEO involvement to start getting bottom-line results?
  • Expensive multi-week training leads to results?
  • Success is measured by the number of people trained and teams started?

There is a better way that can be done in five days or less! Learn how to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary delays using sticky notes.
  • Eliminate preventable defects forever.
  • Eliminate preventable deviation.
  • Sustain these improvements with one indispensable tool

A teacher once said that a sign of brilliance is the ability to make the overly complex simple. Jay is one of those people who can take advanced techniques and boil them down until he has theory and techniques usable by the common man.

— A. S. Joyce "Certified Six Sigma Black Belt" (Boston)

This 64-page book explains why customers now demand products and services that are free, perfect and now. It also explains how to get immediate, bottom-line, profit-enhancing results with Lean Six Sigma, not just training and certifications.

You don't need to be a expert to use Lean Six Sigma. You just need to know which of the "Magnificent Seven" tools to use and when. The QI Macros can handle all of the statistical analysis.

I wish I could pretend that Lean Six Sigma is really hard, but it's not. I wish I could pretend that 5-10-20 day trainings covering the "long tail" of tools actually benefit most people. Instead, I say that the Magnificent Seven methods and tools will take you from 3-to-5 sigma in 18-24 months. When you make it that far, you'll be ready to learn all of the other exotic tools and methods.

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