SPC Simplified eBook - Table of Contents

What is Statistical Process Control?

  • Key Tools
  • Control
  • What is the Goal of SPC?


  • Use Flowcharts to Define and Refine Processes

Control Plans

  • Process and Quality Indicators

Control Charts

  • Stability Analysis
  • Recalculating Control Limits to Show Process Changes
  • Using Control Charts to Compare Data from Different Processes
  • Which Control Chart Should I Use?
  • The QI Macros Control Chart Wizard
  • Understanding Standard Deviation and Control Charts
  • Understanding Control Chart Limits

Other Control Charts for Special Circumstances

  • Short Run
  • EWMA
  • Cusum Charts
  • Levey Jennings
  • ANOM
  • Hoteling Control Chart

Histograms and Process Capability

  • Product and Process Variation
  • What is Variation?
  • Process Capability Analysis Requires Stability
  • Understanding Distributions
  • Histograms and Capability Indices
  • Histogram Weibull Distribution


  • Appendix A: Control Chart Formulas
  • Appendix B: Capability Metrics Formula Details
  • Appendix C: Capability Metrics Sample Calculation
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