Unstack Columns by Label or Subgroup

Unstack Columns by Label will use whatever headers exist in column one of the selected data as the index or subscript to unstack the columns.

Unstack Columns by Subgroup will unstack columns using a number of samples per subgroup.

If the data is in rows, use Copy and Edit-Paste Special-Transpose to rotate the data into columns.

To use the Unstack Columns function in QI Macros:

  1. Select your data.
  2. Stacked Data in Excel Data

  3. Next select Unstack Columns by Label (or Subgroup) from the Data Transformation sub menu.
  4. Unstack Data in Excel using QI Macros

  5. Subgroup only: Input the new number of samples you want in each subgroup:
  6. The macros will unstack the selected columns into multiple columns.

unstack data from one column to multiple columns


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