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Box and Whisker Plots are like simple histograms turned on their side. Use them to analyze the variation between data sets (i.e. the values of the median for each set compared to the others) or the variation within a dataset (i.e. how big is the box and how long are the whiskers).

boxplot in excel


Explanation of Key Elements

Box and Whisker Plots show variation and central tendency of data due to time, parts, and production tools. They are like simple histograms.

  • The box represents the distance between the 1st and 3rd quartiles--the InterQuartile Range (IQR=Q3-Q1).
  • The whiskers are 1.5*IQR or the highest / lowest point within the range.
  • Outlier points are those that are greater than 1.5*IQR.from Q1 or Q3.
explanation of key elements

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Box and Whisker Diagrams Can be Difficult to Make in Excel

However, QI Macros Box Plot Generator Makes it Easy.

box whisker plot maker for Excel

To Create a Box and Whisker Diagram in Excel using QI Macros

  1. Just click and drag over your data in an Excel worksheet to select it.
  2. Then click on the QI Macros menu and then Box Whisker

    box whisker data worksheet

  3. QI Macros will ask if you want the data grouped by rows or columns.
  4. macro prompt

  5. QI Macros will perform the calculations and create a plot for each data group.

By 18 Rows

box whisker plot maker example

By 4 Columns

box whisker diagram generator in excel

Box and Whisker Plots are easy to read but are hard to create manually or in Excel. Use a tool like QI Macros for Excel to save time and get the calculations right.

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