Free QI Macros Training Resources

Since the QI Macros work right in Excel they are easy to learn and use. Take advantage of these free training resources to learn about all of the QI Macros functions and features.

QI Macros Video TutorialsQI Macros Video Tutorials

Watch these short videos to learn more about the QI Macros at your convenience. Learn about: installing the QI Macros, creating charts, creating templates, performing statistical analysis, transforming data and using control chart dashboards.

QI Macros How-to Articles
QI Macros How-to Articles

Learn how to use the more advanced features and functionality available in the QI Macros. Read overview lessons or step-by-step instructions on specific charts or topics.

QI Macros Free Webinar
QI Macros Webinars

Watch previously recorded one hour overview of the QI Macros using either Excel 2003 or Excel 2007-2013. Webinars are divided into sections for easy access and viewing of the areas you are most interested in.

QI Macros SPC Software User Guide
QI Macros User Guide

The QI Macros 36 page user guide is a quick reference to all of the features and functions in the QI Macros. You'll be surprised about how much you can do with our advanced chart menu, fill in the blank templates, dashboards and more.

Lean Six Sigma for Dummies
Lean Six Sigma and SPC Cheat Sheets

Download these free cheat sheets to understand the key concepts and methods behind Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control, Hypothesis Testing, MSA Gage R&R studies, etc.

Free Excel Training Videos
Free Excel Video Tutorials

Many of the questions to our technical support line are really Excel questions. Therefore, we have created these free Excel training videos to address the most common questions.

Lean Six Sigma Articles
Lean Six Sigma Articles

Learn the key tools of Lean and Six Sigma from our lessons series and view articles on a variety of topics and applications of Lean Six Sigma in various industries.

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