Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram in Excel

One Click Fishbone Diagram for Root Cause Analysis

Use the Ishikawa or fishbone diagram (a.k.a. cause and effect diagram) to identify the special root causes of delay, waste, rework or cost.

Automated Fishbone Diagram Template in the QI Macros


How to Create an Ishikawa/Fishbone Diagram using the QI Macros Automated Template for Excel:

  1. Open the Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram from the QI Macros Menu on your Excel Toolbar
  2. fishbone diagram on QI Macros for Excel menu

  3. Select the fishbone style (Cell F10). This will create the titles for the main bones.
    If you want to customize these, just type in the yellow cells in column A.
  4. Enter the text for your fishbone in the yellow cells on the "outline" sheet and click "Create Fishbone":

    automatic fishbone diagram excel

  5. The QI Macros will take the data and create the fishbone:

    fishbone diagram in Excel created by the QI Macros
  6. If you want to copy the fishbone to PowerPoint or Word, go back to the "Outline" sheet and click on the blue "Copy" button. You can then paste the fishbone as either a picture or drawing objects. Pictures are static. Drawing objects can be revised.
  7. You can also use Excel's drawing tools (Insert Shapes [XL2007+] or View-Toolbars-Drawing [XL2000-2003]) to customize the fishbone diagram.

To learn more about asking the Five Whys and the Ishikawa Diagram watch this video.

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