Jay Arthur's Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification!

Practical Lean Six Sigma Jump-Start Training with Jay Arthur

  • Avoid high startup costs and months of training. Train up to 25 people, on site, for a fraction of the cost.
  • Start getting results from Lean Six Sigma immediately.
  • Learn the seven key tools that will make you look like a Lean Six Sigma expert, even if you’re just starting out.

This training and software is the fastest, easiest, most direct route to bottom-line, profit-enhancing, productivity boosting results from Lean Six Sigma. Most people find this hard to believe because typical Lean Six Sigma training takes 10-20 days.

Lean Six Sigma knowledge follows Pareto's Rule:
4% of the methods and tools will solve 90% of common problems.

4-50 Rule Applied to Training

If there's one word Jay hears from his clients about his Lean Six Sigma training it's this:

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Are You Tired of Mistakes, Errors, Defects, Delay and Deviation Costing You Customers, Time and Money?

Typical Lean Six Sigma training takes 10-20 days spread over 2-4 months at costs ranging from $5,000 to $40,000 per person. The goal of these trainings is to turn you into a statistician who can solve problems on a factory floor. Do you want statisticians or "money belts" who can solve pressing problems and find ways to add profit to the bottom line?

We turn "gut feel, trial-and-error driven" participants into data driven problem solvers in one day with up to 25 people for as little as $15,975.

It's a crash course designed to put you in the fast lane to Lean Six Sigma results.

How can Jay do in a day what others do in ten?

It's simple concept Jay calls "Minimally Invasive Training!" Why are most Lean Six Sigma training courses five, ten or more days? One of Jay's friends who worked for a big Six Sigma training company says: The answer is simple: Billable Hours!

The more hours you teach, the more money you can charge.

Why do these companies push expensive and complex SPC software? Billable Hours. The more complex the software, the longer it takes to learn and the more training hours can be billed.

After years of using these methods and tools, Jay found that he used a handful of tools and methods (the Magnificent Seven) to solve virtually all problems. And that's what he teaches. He also found that the QI Macros for Excel makes it easy to learn and use the tools. As one customer put it, it shifts the discussion from how complex and hard it seems, to "what does the data tell us?"

Jay also uses many accelerated learning techniques (like using your data instead of fictional case studies).

Jay is a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). He understands that people are the biggest roadblock to implementing Lean Six Sigma. Not the methods nor the tools. He doesn't just teach the methods and tools; he teaches the mindset needed for Lean Six Sigma.

We don't do it all, of course. Jay calls it Money Belt training, because he only teaches you the essential methods and tools you need to start achieving results and moving toward 5-sigma.

Most companies aren't ready for all of the complex methods and tools required to achieve Six Sigma.

If your company is like other successful and profitable companies, you may not be sure that Lean Six Sigma can improve your bottom line, but after looking at all kinds of companies, I can tell you that most are successful and profitable while barely 3 sigma. They have no idea how much more productive and profitable they can be at 4- and 5-sigma.

You don't need to be a Black Belt in statistical methods to start making big gains. You only need a few key methods and tools and lots of improvements to achieve 5-sigma. By the time you get up to 5-sigma, you'll have pocketed enough money to send anyone you want to Black Belt training. And you'll know who has the aptitude for it.

And we tailor our training to your company's data and needs, because you learn better when it's relevant to your job. Jay gathers data before the class and develops improvement stories for immediate analysis. Jay even likes to develop improvement stories right in the classroom so that you'll be ready to start solving problems and implementing solutions immediately.

Is it right for you?

Typical Green Belt Training costs $4,000-$6,000 per person, not including travel. A day with Jay costs just $15,975 including software, travel and materials for up to 25 people.

  • Do you have 10 or more employees to train?
  • Would you like to save money on tuition and travel?
  • Would you like to get training tailored to your needs?
  • Would you like to start getting results as quickly as possible?

Download Yellow Belt Certification Outline (PDF)

Investment Options

  • Investment (option 1): $10,000 for 1 day (additional days $7,000/day), $1,000 Travel Expenses ($1,500 if less than 30 days in advance), QI Macros for up to 25 participants at $219/copy (Required). Additional printed training materials provided for each participant at no additional cost. Total investment: $16,000.
  • Investment (option 2): $16,000+$7,000 = $23,000 - Option 1 plus an additional day of individual and/or team coaching/facilitation to gather data and develop improvement projects (Must be the day before or after training).
  • Ongoing Online Coaching - $350/One hour team meeting.
    Improvement teams sometimes need some help getting started. Jay can meet online with teams to help analyze their data and focus the improvement effort.
  • Ongoing refresher training - Free! Participants can watch video training about any method or tool online at www.lssyb.com.

Typical Workshop Formats


  • Computer Lab: To maximize learning, we recommend using a computer lab or laptop computers equipped with Microsoft Excel. There should be at least one computer for every two participants.
  • Data: We also need Excel spreadsheets of data about your defects, delays, and costs that can be used for the training. These are needed at least seven days before the training begins.

Ongoing Support: Jay wants you to succeed, so he provides 90 days of email, phone and webinar support for attendees.

Certification: Participants receive a Yellow Belt Certificate. Participants can refresh their learning at www.lssyb.com

What People Are Saying...

After we send people to four weeks of Black Belt training, I give them a copy of Jay's Small Business Guerrilla Guide to Six Sigma. I tell them it's a practical way to apply Six Sigma. My copy is dog-eared and highlighted with notes in the margins.

- Master Black Belt, medical device manufacturer
American Society for Quality World conference

With computers available, it is a waste to perform calculations by hand.

- Taiichi Ohno
Father of the Toyota Production System

Is Jay Arthur the right instructor for you?

Over the years, Jay has worked with teams that, in a matter of months:

  • Saved $20 million in postage expense
  • Save $16 million in adjustment costs
  • Reduced order errors in a wireless company from 17% to 3% in just four months saving $250,000 a month in rework.
  • Reduced denied insurance claims in a healthcare system that saved $5 million a year with simple process changes that could be implemented immediately.
  • Trained a toll road team that saved $1.5 million in expenses their first year and an additional $1 million per year over the following two years.

Jay has found that a handful of methods and tools can solve most quality problems and deliver remarkable results. Using Jay's "just in time" training techniques can jump start your improvements and results.

Jay lives in Denver, CO. If your company is in Colorado or coming to Denver for a conference, book Jay now!

Call 1-888-468-1537 to bring Jay's one-day Lean Six Sigma workshop to your company or learn about our other Lean Six Sigma Training options.