Jay Arthur's Lean Six Sigma Makeover

No-Nonsense, Lean Six Sigma for Results Makeover!

When companies consider implementing Lean Six Sigma, what they really want are results. Most companies make the mistake of thinking that they need Lean Six Sigma training to get those results.

Results don't happen through training...
Results happen through projects!

"But Jay," you say, "everyone else is training lots of belts to start lots of teams to get results. What's wrong with that?"

In a word, everything. Over 50 years of research into how cultures adopt, adapt or reject change show that changes like Lean Six Sigma can be achieved at less cost with better results by changing how you approach it.

Current Wisdom: Top Down commitment. Research shows that this only works half of the time. The other half fail. (That's less than 1 sigma. Not good.)

Research Says: To accelerate adoption, engage the informal, not the formal (i.e., top) leadership.

Current Wisdom: The wider you apply Lean Six Sigma, the greater the results.

Research Says: To accelerate adoption, reduce the number of people involved.

Pareto says: 4% of your business (1 step out of every 25) produces over half of the mistakes, errors, defects and deviation that consume a third of total revenues. Widespread Lean Six Sigma invokes the dark side of Pareto's Rule: 50% of the effort will only produce 4% of the benefit.

Uncommon Wisdom: Use data to laser-focus the improvement projects on the 4% causing over half of the problems. Only engage 4% of workforce in these projects. Make the initial teams successful. Engage informal leaders on these teams. Word of mouth will spread Lean Six Sigma successes much faster and more effectively.

This way, you start getting results immediately! No waiting for months or years!

This way, Lean Six Sigma starts paying for itself, minimizing risk and maximizing results.

Lean Six Sigma Makeover Research Says: Once 4% of employees have experienced success with Lean Six Sigma, it will stick in the organization. Then laser-focus on another 4% of the business and another.

Somewhere between 16-25% adoption (4-to-6 waves of laser-focused improvement teams) , Lean Six Sigma will have developed deep roots and sweep through the rest of the organization.

The Lean Six Sigma Makeover is not a program; it's a series of projects designed to maximize learning and results, delight customers and minimize the cost of implementing Lean Six Sigma.

Once you transition from where you are (most companies are at 3 Sigma - 66,800 defects per million) to 5 Sigma (only 300 defects per million), you'll double productivity and profits. Properly focused, you should be able to do this in 18-24 months.

Along the way you will identify the right employees with the ideal skills to advance to green belt and black belt training. These change agents will take you from 5 sigma to 6 sigma.

What's Different About A Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
Money Belt Makeover?

Issue Traditional Lean Six Sigma Agile Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Training Required 1-2-4 Weeks One Day
Time to Results 6-12 Months Five Days
Cost to Train Black Belt - $250,000
Green Belt - $60,000

$15,975 for 25 participants

$7,000/day for team facilitation

$350/One hour online followup team meeting.

Ongoing refresher training - Free! Participants can watch video training about any method or tool online at www.lssyb.com.

Tools Every Tool in the Long Tail of LSS Tools Magnificent Seven Tools that will solve 99% of typical problems
Teams Leaders select team members. 

Teams "brainstorm" to select a problem to solve.
Data Mining pinpoints problem to solve and who should be on the team.

Small team of experts convene to solve the problem.
Software $2,500 plus 2-4 days of training Included as part of one day training.

Your Lean Six Sigma Makeover Starts With

  • 1/2 Day Champions Training
  • 1-2-3-day Data Analysis to Laser-Focus the first 4% of Improvement Projects
  • 1/2 Day Improvement Project Readout to Champions for Project Selection

Your Investment

$10,000 for 1 day (additional days $7,000/day), $1,000 Travel Expenses ($1,500 if less than 30 days in advance),
$199/copy QI Macros for each participant (Required). Additional printed training materials are provided for each participant at no additional cost. Jay can estimate how many days it will take to mine the data for improvement projects.

Your Data

Jay needs Excel spreadsheets of data about company defects, deviation, delays, and costs for analysis. These are needed at least seven days before the training begins.

This leads to:

1/2 Day Root Cause SWAT Teams: 
Jay facilitates teams of subject matter experts (SMEs) laser-focused on the projects selected by the Champions. Root causes will be identified, verified and countermeasures defined for approval and implementation. Once Champions approve the countermeasures, an implementation team can project manage the change and measure the result.

Repeat data analysis and Root Cause Analysis SWAT teams until desired performance achieved.

Ongoing Support

Jay wants you to succeed, so he provides 90 days of email, phone and webinar support for team members.

Jay can also conduct 1-day Lean Six Sigma trainings after team members have had an experience solving a problem. This fills in the gaps and cements the learning.

Your Total Investment:

It depends on how many projects are identified and how long it takes to do the data and root cause analysis. It could cost as little as $50,000 up to $250,000, but it will probably save you ten times that much.

Is Jay Arthur the right instructor for you?

Over the years, Jay has worked with teams that, in a matter of months:

  • Saved $20 million in postage expense
  • Save $16 million in adjustment costs
  • Reduced order errors in a wireless company from 17% to 3% in just four months saving $3,000,000 a year in rework.
  • Reduced denied insurance claims in a healthcare system that saved $5,000,000 a year with simple process changes that could be implemented immediately.
  • Trained a toll road team that saved $1.5 million in expenses their first year and an additional $1 million per year over the following two years.
  • Shaved 110 days off a 140 day process which was implemented nation-wide.

Jay has found that a handful of methods and tools can solve most quality problems and deliver remarkable results. Using Jay's "just in time" training techniques can jump start your improvements and results.

Call 1-888-468-1537 to bring Jay's one-day Lean Six Sigma workshop to your company or learn about our other Lean Six Sigma Training options.