Lean Lab Workshop

A Two Day Workshop with Jay Arthur

Jay ArthurPrework to be ready for Workshop:

  • Analyze TAT data (Jay Arthur)
  • Gather Lab floor plans Hospital
  • Identify available budget for improvements
  • Interview Leadership for perceived opportunities 

Lean Simplified Training - 4 Hours:

Participants will learn and identify:

  • The Seven Speed Bumps that delay results
  • The Five S's: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain
  • The Essence of Pull and One-Piece Flow
  • Key Ingredients for Lean Redesign

On-site 5-S Coaching - 4 Hours:

Working sessions in the lab to identify and implement 5-S improvements.

Redesigning the Lab Coaching - 4 hours

Working session to redesign the lab for optimal speed, flexibility and flow.

Sustaining The Improvement Training - 4 Hours:

Using their laptops or a computer lab, participants will learn the key tools used to track and analyze metrics including: Line Graphs, Pareto Charts, Ishikawa Diagram, Control Charts and Histograms. Participants will learn how to use the QI Macros and Excel's pivot table function to analyze data. Jay will coach team members in the selection and use of tools.

Post Workshop Webinar: Webinar held one to two weeks after the workshop to solidify participants knowledge and answer additional questions.


  • A 5-S lab
  • Improvement projects
  • Lab technicians who understand how to streamline daily operations and measure their success.

Training Outline

Lean Simplified Overview

  • Lean vs Six Sigma: What method to use when.
  • The Power Laws of Speed
  • The Power Laws of Quality
  • Eliminating non-value added waste (e.g., delay and rework) to improve productivity
  • Creating flow
  • Standardizing, balancing and error-proofing your processes

Clutter is Waste!

  • Using the 5-S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) to prepare the workspace for redesign

Spaghetti Diagrams and Value Stream Mapping:
Breaking the Process Mold

  • Understand key differences between traditional process mapping and value stream mapping
  • Identify key metrics for value stream maps in the laboratory
  • Identify improvement opportunities

Major labs found ways to reduce floor space by 20% and phlebotomist and technician travel by over 50%.

5-S Workout

  • Participants will spend the afternoon using the 5-S principles to sort, straighten, and shine the lab. Procedures will be evaluated to standardize and sustain the improvement.
    Hint: If your lab is more than a few years old, get a dumpster or two.

Walking is Waste!

  • Redesign to reduce phlebotomist and technician travel in the lab (and specimen travel as well)!
  • Process redesign to reduce phlebotomist travel and reduce turnaround times.

Lean Lab Redesign Workout

  • Using current floor plans, teams will evaluate and choose improved layouts for the lab workflow to reduce unnecessary travel.
  • If appropriate and possible, the team may actually begin moving refrigerators, analyzers and other equipment to accelerate results.
  • Team will develop plans to implement design changes and measure results.

Materials for up to 25 participants

  • Lean Simplified Workbook
  • Six Sigma Simplified Workbook
  • Lean, Six Sigma and SPC Quick Reference Cards
  • QI Macros SPC Software for Excel

Investment: $14,000

(includes U.S. Travel, Materials and Software)

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