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Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting


NOTE: Microsoft and Apple have both stopped supporting this version of Excel as of July 2018, therefore QI Macros is no longer compatible with Excel 2011.

Current Version of Excel

- 14.7.7 (170905) | Released: September 5, 2017 (Release History)

To check which version you currently have installed, go into Excel and select the "Excel" drop-down menu > About Excel. If you are not up to date with the most recent version of Excel, check for updates within Excel by selecting the "Help" drop-down menu and choosing "Check for Updates."

Microsoft Excel 2011 Crashes when Trying to Create a Control Chart

This is because QI Macros is no longer compatible Excel 2011, as of July 2018.

Mac OS / Excel Compatibility

Compatible with Macintosh OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) through macOS 10.13.14 (High Sierra)

Compatible with these Microsoft versions of Office & Excel for the Mac:

  • Excel 2016 and Office 365 - make sure the latest service packs are loaded, and that there are no pending updates within Excel. To check, go to the Help menu directly in Excel and select, "Check for Updates."

Excel 2016 - can only be used with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and newer.

Excel 2011 - can only be used with OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) through macOS 10.13.14 (High Sierra), and QI Macros version June 2018 or earlier.

Excel 2008 - does not support macro code so only the QI Macros fill-in-the-blank-templates work with this version of Excel for the Mac.

Installation Completed with Errors / Can't be Opened - Software is from an Unidentified Developer

If you receive the following message when installing the QI Macros, it is due to a security restriction:

Step 1

To install QI Macros, press ctrl + click on the install image and select Open:


To install QI Macros, go to your System Preferences and select, Security & Privacy:

Step 2

Change the setting from, "Allow applications downloaded from: Mac App Store and identified developers" to, "Anywhere."
Note: You may have to unlock the settings (bottom left) to allow this change.

Step 3

Once completed, close Excel and re-run the installation. When the install is finished, open Excel - you will find the QI Macros menu in the Excel ribbon.

Please note: If you have recently installed or are using OS Sierra, Mac has disabled the "Anywhere" option. With that, if you are not able to install QI Macros, go to your Applications folder > Utilities > Terminal > and input sudo spctl --master-disable. Press enter and then input your password – this provides the “Anywhere” option under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > “Allow apps downloaded from:” portion of your Mac device.

Once the "Anywhere" option has been enabled, re-run the QI Macros install with Excel completely closed. When finished, open Excel - you should see the QI Macros menu in your Excel ribbon.

If the QI Macros menu does not appear, contact support@qimacros.com - we will need to send you the manual install files and instructions.

Installation Instructions for QI Macros Purchased after October of 2011

  1. Close Excel and locate the QI Macros installation file:

    On your CD

    Download from Internet in your Downloads folder
    QI Macros Trial Download
  2. Click on the QIMacros.dmg file to begin the installation wizard.
  3. If you get an error message about only allowing installations from the Mac App Store, you may need to change your security settings (in System Preferences) to allow applications downloaded from Anywhere (see below):

    Macintosh Security Settings
  4. Input your password if asked (this is the password you set up and have to input whenever you install any software on your Mac).
  5. Then follow the prompts to install QI Macros.
  6. Open Excel and see the QI Macros on your menu.

Where is QI Macros Installed on my Mac?

QI Macros files are loaded in:

Excel 2011 - Applications : Microsoft Office 2011 : Office : Startup : Excel

Macintosh Excel Files Step 1Macintosh Excel Files Step 2


Disable Excel Gallery of Templates

If the QI Macros menu does not appear in the Excel ribbon, after install, make sure the Gallery of Templates is disabled, when opening Excel.

To turn off the Gallery of Templates, go to Excel: Preferences:

Gallery of Templates-Preferences



and deselect "Open Excel Workbook Gallery when application opens."


Once you have disabled the Gallery,COMPLETELY quit out of Excel and reopen - the QI Macros menu will be located in the Excel ribbon.

No QI Macros Menu

This is potentially because Microsoft has released an update package for Excel 2011 for Mac.

If this is occuring, check that there are no pending updates within Excel by going to the Help menu and selecting "Check for Updates."

Note: If there are pending updates for the "Microsoft AutoUpdater," make necessary updates. Once completed, go back to the Help menu and again select, "Check for Updates."

Completely quit out of Excel and reopen - do you see the QI Macros menu in your Excel ribbon?

If not, the QI Macros files are loaded in: Applications : Microsoft Office 2011 : Office : Startup : Excel


If there is no Startup:Excel folder, then you may not have VBA loaded. This sometimes happens if you install the trial and then purchase a key.

To test if VBA is installed, click on Tools-Options-Record New Macro.
Excel will ask if you want to store the macro in the current workbook, click okay.
Then, click on any other cell in the worksheet. If Excel says it can't record, then you need to reinstall Office with VBA.

Error 68 / Error 68 - Device Unavailable

This error occurs because Excel cannot find the QITemplates folder of QI Macros.

Normally, QI Macros files are loaded in: Applications : Microsoft Office 2011 : Office : Startup : Excel


Excel, in its infinite wisdom decided to change Startup to Oppstart (Norwegian), Demarre (French) or whatever in international versions of Excel, but does not populate the StartupPath variable I need to find it. It does, however, populate AltStartupPath, so….

To make the QI Macros work correctly in international versions of Excel, you may need to:

  1. Make a new folder - Documents:QIMacros:xlstart
  2. Move the qimacros.xlam and QITemplates folder shown above from
    Applications:Microsoft Office 2011:Office:Startup:Excel to this new folder.
    Startup will be in your language.
  3. Open Excel.
  4. Change Excel’s Preferences-General:
        At startup open All files in:  Documents:QIMacros:xlstart
    (Note: It is not a good idea to have this alternate startup directory point to Applications:Microsoft Office 2011:Office:Oppstart:Excel as Excel may try to open the file twice.)
  5. Exit Excel and start it again. QI Macros should appear on Excel's menu and QI Macros will be able to find the QITemplates folder in the alternate startup location.


Error 68 - Device Unavailable

This error occurs, because the Control Chart Rules file is located in the Excel folder - NOT in the QITemplates folder:


Move the Control Chart Rules file into the QITemplates folder, quit Excel and reopen. QI Macros and all of its components will now be fully available.


This has been known to happen in Excel 2011 if there are pending updates actually within Excel. To check, go into Excel > Help > Check for Updates. If there are any pending updates available for the Microsoft Automatic Updater and/or to Excel 2011 specifically, process these.

Once the upates are completed, open Excel - are you now able to access the templates, or are you still receiving a "Run-time error '68'" message? If so, contact our technical support: support@qimacros.com.

Error 53

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) was not enabled during the install of Microsoft Excel, or it became corrupted during install or during usage - this is mostly found in Excel 2016 for Mac.

VBA must be installed, in order to use QI Macros. To troubleshoot, reinstall Excel and make sure VBA is enabled.

Object Library Not Registered

This error occurs during installation when Operating System permissions are not set up correctly, or if the Carbon Registration Database is corrupted. This is due to either a OS install error or a Microsoft install error.

To troubleshoot this issue, you will need to reinstall Microsoft Excel, as the VBA was not correctly included during initial Excel installation.

If after Excel reinstall, the error message continues to show, this means the VBA has still not been included w/ the Excel install, as the Excel installer has been corrupted.

You will then need to reinstall your OS to have Microsoft install correctly.

No Mountable File Systems

This error occurs when your OS is damaged, and therefore cannot access the data available inside the installer, as it is a DMG file.

To troubleshoot this issue, send an e-mail to: support@qimacros.com, and we will send you the manual install files and instructions, as they are not pacakaged in a DMG format.

QI Macros & Excel 2011

Recently upgraded to Excel 2011 but have an older version of QI Macros

If so, you will need to purchase an update of the QI Macros.

Excel 2011 requires Service Pack 14.1 for QI Macros to work

Error Loading DLL

If you receive the error message, "Error in loading DLL" or notice that you have no STARTUP folder, located in your Applications > Microsoft Office 2011 > Office folder. Reinstall Microsoft Excel and make sure VBA is Enabled.

You will also need to download the latest Microsoft Service packs and updates for the Mac from Microsoft.

To test if VBA is installed and working, Click Tools-Macros-Record New Macro. If you get a message, "Cannot Record Macro", it means VBA isn't working and the QI Macros won't either.

qimacros.xla is already open

This seems to be an Excel 2011 glitch. To fix it:

  • Click on Tools-Addins
  • Check the box next to any filename.xlam
  • Click Okay
  • Repeat and uncheck the file.
This seems to clear the problem.

Menus are Grayed Out


Solution: When you open Excel 2011, it shows the Gallery of templates:

  • Simply put a checkmark beside the "Don't show this when opening Excel" box at the bottom (see below) then choose a template.
  • Close Excel. You may have to use Command-Option-Esc to "force close" Excel.
  • Start Excel. All menus should be visible.

  • Or, if you double click on a file to start Excel, you'll be able to get to Preferences-General. Uncheck Open Excel Workbook Gallery when application starts:
  • Excel 2011 Open Workbook Gallery

VBA Run-Time Error '68'

The QITemplates folder is missing from Startup-Excel.

Move the QITemplates folder into:
Applications : Microsoft Office 2011 : Office : Startup : Excel OR Applications : Microsoft Office 2004 : Office : Startup : Excel

Problems with XLSX Files

Since 14.2.2, users have reported a couple of kinds of problems with .xlsx files:

  • Double clicking on an xlsx file to start Excel 2011 causes crash. We removed qimacros.xla from startup folder and problem still exists so this must be an Excel problem.

  • Run a p chart (u chart, XbarR, XbarS or any chart using error bars), save as an .xlsx file:

Then reopen the file and Excel has lost links from chart to data sheet:

Control Chart Rules File Created Everytime Excel/QI Macros File Saved

To troubleshoot, completely quit Excel and visit the following pathway: Applications: Microsoft Office 2011: Office: Startup: Excel (or) Applications: Microsoft Office 2004: Office: Startup: Excel

In the Excel folder, you will find a QITemplates folder and qimacros.xla file. Create an XLSTART folder on your Desktop and move these files to the XLSTART folder.

Once moved, open Excel and go to "Excel" > Preferences > General > "At startup, open all files in:", and choose "Select." Then, select the XLSTART folder found on your Desktop.

Once selected, press OK, completely quit out of Excel and reopen.

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