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Most Common Support Questions for Excel 2003

Common Problems & Questions


NOTE: Microsoft has stopped supporting this version of Excel, therefore QI Macros is no longer compatible with Excel 2003.

No QI Macros menu appears

Excel has disabled the one of the QI Macros files. To re-enable the file:

  1. Click on HELP-ABOUT EXCEL
  2. Click on Disabled Items
  3. Enable qimacros.xla (2007) or qimacros.xlm (2006) or zqimenu.xlm (1997-2005) or any other macro.

You may have Macro Security set too high. Click on Tools-Macros-Security and set to medium or low.

The formula you typed contains an error (Excel 2003 SP3 only)

If you received this error, you have a copy of the QI Macros purchased before Dec 2006 and recently loaded Excel 2003 Service Pak 3. Unfortunately, this service pack is not compatible with these older versions of the QI Macros. Here are your options:

  1. Uninstall the new release of Excel.
    • Start-Control Panel-Add or Remove Programs (e.g., Excel 2003 SP3) or
    • Start-All Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Restore to an earlier date before the installation.
  2. Purchase a new QI Macros license on our shopping cart. (You need to purchase a new license not an upgrade)

Outlook could not track the program used to open this document

Outlook could not track the program used to open this document

The customer who had this problem was running Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook and trying to double click on a readonly Excel file to open it (see below). It worked with read/write Excel files, but not readonly files.

Outlook using files from MS Exchange Server

Without the QI Macros installed, they could do this on either readonly or read/write Excel files. With the QI Macros installed, however, they got the error message, probably because Excel opens the qimacros.xla file from xlstart before opening the server file.

Solution: After much research, we changed how the QI Macros start (not opening the options file) and turned off AutoSave (below). The problem was corrected by the two changes.
QI Macros change will be in the March 2011 release.

AutoRecover Save

We don't know if this is a problem in other versions of Excel.

Pop Out Menus missing (XL 2003)

Main menu is listed, but no choices are provided - just a blue square.

Cause: If Excel or Windows crashes it may leave a ~tmp...xla file in the XLStart folder. This file gets loaded instead of the qimacros.xlam file. To check this, right click on a sheet name and choose view code. There should only be one QIMacrosforExcel (qimacros.xlam) listing in XL97-2003:



Solution: Close Excel. Go to c:\program files\microsoft office\office11\xlstart and remove the ~tmp...xla. Reopen Excel and the problem should be gone.

We have found that many customer questions are actually about Excel or statistics, not the QI Macros.

Check these FAQ pages:
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If you do not know your Win/Mac/Excel Version, click here to download an Excel file that will check the information for you. Look in your Downloads folder, open the Excel file, copy the information in the window (shown below) and place it in the problem description.