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Most Common Support Questions for Excel 2000

Common Problems & Questions


NOTE: Microsoft has stopped supporting this version of Excel, therefore QI Macros is no longer compatible with Excel 2000.

No QI Macros menu appears

QI Macros may have installed in a newer version of Excel (e.g., XP or 2003).

QI Macros always install in the most current version of Excel. Click on Start and look for Excel or Excel 2003. Then open this version of Excel up and see if the QI Macros appear on the menu bar.

If you want the QI Macros to appear in Excel 2000, either re-run the installtation wizard and select that version of Excel when prompted or do a search on qimacros.xla and then copy that file and the QI Templates folder found with it to:

(c:\program files\microsoft office\office\xlstart)

XL 2000 may have failed to autoload the QI Macros Menu.
You may have Macro Security set too high.
Click on Tools-Macros-Security and set to medium or low.

Alternate: If you've recentlly upgraded Excel,

  1. You may have to reinstall the QI macros for the new version
  2. If you use a desktop shortcut to start Excel, it may still be pointing to the old version of Excel. Go to c:\program files\microsoft office\office10 and create a new shortcut from Excel.exe

QI Macros shows up twice

Windows 2000: For some reason, Windows 2000 "auto opens" the macro twice. It won't affect your performance and either menu will work. I've opened a ticket with Microsoft.

Run-time Automation Error

Unfortunately, this is an Excel bug. See hotfix at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/813120

You will have to upgrade Excel to get around this problem.
Microsoft dropped public support for Excel 2000 several years ago.

My Computer Crashed and I Can't Find My CD or Install File

If you purchased within the last five years, you can re-download your file.

If you purchased more than five years ago, you will need to buy a new license.

using some basic detailsthe QI Macros in the last 12 months, we can look up your record and send you a replacement file for only $35. If we find that you purchased over 12 months ago, we will need to change your order to an upgrade.

The arrows on histograms move around

Excel 2000 and XP
In both 2000 and XP, once you create a histogram with USL and LSL and control limits, if you save the file and reopen it, Excel moves the arrows and text fields to the left:

Excel seems to remember where to put the arrows and text, but doesn't display them properly. If you open the file in 2003 or 2007, the histogram displays correctly. If you click on File-Print Preview in Excel 2000 or XP, you'll see that they should print properly:

You can use the Drawing toolbar's selection arrow to select and reposition the arrows. Use the selection tool to click on an arrow and move everthing back to it's original position:

Or, once you've created a chart, you can "protect" the sheet to lock the arrows in place:


We have found that many customer questions are actually about Excel or statistics, not the QI Macros.

Check these FAQ pages:
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