Six Sigma Simplified
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Save $250,000 and add it to the bottom line!

Six Sigma Simplified Book

I started teaching Six Sigma using your books and software in the fall of 2001. To date, with all the projects we've accumulated through our Six Sigma Program, We've saved our local business community $2,900,000. Our range of ROI is 700% to 3300%. with our largest, single savings of $510,000. 

David G. Meyer, PE and Professor of Industrial Engineering Technology at Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio

College students save over $150,000 using Six Sigma Simplified.

What if half of GE’s employees were White Belts? That would mean 250,000 people returning $20,000 a year. They could make Black Belts look like nothing.

- Mikel Harry

Let’s look at Six Sigma in a small firm of perhaps five people painting a house. You’ve got a general contractor and you have four painters working for him. He reads about Six Sigma and asks, “How can I go do it?” He’s not going to do reproducibility studies, and Cp and CpKs. He needs a simpler and more fundamental form of Six Sigma.

Ideal for just-in-time Six Sigma team training. This simple workbook guides you through the essence of Six Sigma. Learn how to focus with laser-like intensity to analyze and prevent problems permanently. Make quantum leaps up the Six Sigma ladder. As little as 4% of your business processes produce over half of your waste and rework. Through laser-focused improvement, you can cut these costs of waste and rework from 25-40% of every dollar down to 5% or less!

You will discover the essence of Six Sigma and how to implement Six Sigma to maximize the gain and minimize the pain. You will focus on creating results from the very first day.

You will develop a master improvement story to laser-focus your improvement efforts. This focus ensures that only essential personnel are involved creating breakthrough improvements-50 percent or better reductions in defects, time, and cost. Then you will learn how to analyze your problem and create solutions that will prevent the problem from recurring. You'll also learn how to maximize your gains from solving this problem. With Six Sigma Simplified you will learn the skills of quantum improvement in as little as two hours by use of:

  • a story about a King and Queen that solve a problem with the Kingdom's harvests using the Six Sigma tools. This story makes it easy to learn the problem-solving process.
  • a workbook with examples that guides you, step-by-step, through each essential ingredient and tool of quantum improvement. You'll learn how to define, analyze, and prevent problems forever. You'll work on your own problems, not some hypothetical case study.

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