Six Sigma Instructor Guide

Six Sigma Instructor GuideGreen Belt Training Made Easy

Learn how to apply Jay Arthur's accelerated instructional process to achieve quantum improvements in skill development and results creation. Learn how to work with leadership teams to focus the improvement efforts for breakthrough; work with teams to dramatically improve key processes, and follow up to stabilize and sustain the improvement. You'll even learn how to use the tools of quality to reengineer core processes. You'll help participants learn the essential skills of quantum improvement in as little as two hours by use of:

  • Complete road maps for any length session.
  • a page by page instructor guide to all of the pages inĀ Six Sigma Simplified
  • examples of each process and tool
  • a reference guide to other key tools You'll discover how to:
  • use QI Stories to lay the foundation for learning the process and tools.
  • tell your own stories to develop unconscious competence directly and easily.
  • elicit examples from participants to deepen their understanding and skill.
  • guide them through the process and tools using their own issue to link the learning to their business environment and cement their learning.

The Six Sigma Instructor Guide - Table of Contents

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