Discover Your Motivation Style

Matching your career to your motivation style can increase your joy and enhance your success. Understanding how your motivation style differs from coworkers and loved ones can reduce stress and increase understanding.

Home or Work?

Motivation styles vary from one situation to another. So pick a specific area of your life where you want to know more about your style. Then imagine being there to take any of the following self-paced profiles.

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P.S. People sometimes ask: "Jay, why are you doing this?" You're almost "giving away" the keys to Motivation.

It makes me mad to see all of the conflict in workplaces, marriages, customer service, and so on.

It makes me crazy when I see people hired for jobs that they won't enjoy or do well.

So, I've decided to share everything I've learned to help people live better, less stressful lives. And then, you might want to spread the word to your family and coworkers.

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Add Motivation Profile eBook (#W100) $9.95/copy