Lean Six Sigma Simplified
Audios on CD ROM

Save $250,000 and add it to the bottom line!

Lean Six Sigma Training AudioFor the busy manager, team leader, or trainer, these Lean Six Sigma Training audios on CD are perfect for overview or just-in-time training. Originally part of Jay's Plug the Leaks in Your Cash Flow system, this series will show you step by step, how to achieve breakthrough improvement using the tools of Lean and Six Sigma.

Inside every business is a hidden gold mine - the mother lode where you can mine tremendous improvements in productivity and profitability. In these training audios, you'll learn how to:

  1. Laser-focus your Six Sigma efforts to maximize your immediate results while minimizing your start-up costs;
  2. Implement Six Sigma successfully using the secrets of "diffusion" to "crawl-walk-run" your way to success;
  3. Improve training effectiveness and reduce costs using JIT training;
  4. Double your speed by shifting your attention from people to the product;
  5. Double your quality and save $250,000 per project or more.

Contents - 4 Hours Total Time

  • How to Implement Lean Six Sigma Successfully
  • How to Laser Focus for Maximum Benefit and Minimum Costs
  • How to Make Breakthrough Improvements by Reducing Defects and Delay
  • Choosing and Using Control Charts to Sustain New Levels
  • How to Honor Your Progress to Reinforce Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Training Audios #225 (5 CDs, 4 hours).

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