Statistical Analysis Tests Using QI Macros

You don't have to be a statistician to perform statistical analysis and tests on your data.

  • Does the thought of performing complicated statistical analysis intimidate you?
  • Have you struggled with the awkward interface of Excel's Data Analysis Toolpak?

It's Easy to Run Statistical Tests on your Data using QI Macros:

statistical analysis and statistical tests using QI Macros for Excel

  1. Point - Use your cursor to select your data in Excel.
  2. Click - on the QI Macros menu and select Statistical Tools or select the Stat Wizard if you don't know which statistical test to run.
  3. Analyze and Improve - QI Macros will prompt you for the statistical significance level, run the statistical test for you and help with interpreting the results.
statistical analysis test results created by QI Macros

The biggest challenge is to ensure you have your data organized correctly. To help, QI Macros loads practice data on your computer in Documents\ QI Macros Test Data. Open the file called anova.xls for examples of how to organize your data.

Statistical Analysis Tests in QI Macros Software for Excel

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