Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Four percent of every business causes over 50% of the waste, rework and cost. Our results-focused methodology can help you find the 4% and save at least $100,000 per project.

Data Mining & Analysis

Lean Six Sigma ConsultingTwo-to-three consecutive days of data mining and analysis to develop actionable improvement projects focused on the 4% of business that causes 50% of lost profit:

Deliverables: Actionable improvement projects that consist of:

  • Line graphs, pareto charts and fishbone diagrams with clear problem statements.
  • Clearly identified processes for “Lean” analysis—flow charting and value added analysis.
  • Data analysis expertise with one or more people who “shadow” my explorations and data mining.
  • Names of participants for root cause team meetings.

Lean Six Sigma Team Meetings

Three-to-five one-day meetings to analyze the root cause of defects or eliminate delays on a selected improvement project. The number of meetings depends on the data analysis. (Additional projects may be added at customer request.)

Deliverables: Implementation plans and people for identified countermeasures.

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