Lean Six Sigma Coaching

Top 10 Ways You Know You Need Coaching

  • You need to get results fast and you can't wait months to train Green or Black Belts and start teams.
  • Management is breathing down your neck for results.
  • You're not sure how to start an improvement project.
  • You're not sure what project to pick as a starting point.
  • You're not sure what tools to use.
  • Your Six Sigma project is bogged down and you're not sure why.
  • You don't have time to learn Six Sigma, but you want results.
  • You have some data, but you're not sure what to do with it.
  • Your fishbone has become a "whalebone" diagram.
  • You want to fix your suppliers or your customers, not your process.

Jay has struggled with every one of these issues and he can help you cut through the confusion.

You Might Consider Hiring Jay Arthur
as Your Coach If You Want To...

Lean Six Sigma Coaching
  • Identify and implement breakthrough improvement projects more quickly
  • Learn Six Sigma Results
  • Get certified as a Green Belt or Black Belt using a project.

To accelerate your productivity and profits, Jay will help you develop:

  1. Master Improvement Story

    Tell Jay about your business and he'll customize your master improvement story to laser focus your improvement efforts.

  2. Improvement Projects

    Send Jay your data about delay, defects, time, or cost that are robbing your business of productivity and profitability, and he'll help you develop an Improvement Story ready for analysis. Deliverables: control charts, pareto charts, and Ishikawa diagrams.

  3. Root Cause Analysis

    Once you've gathered a team of subject matter experts about the problem to be solved, Jay might be able to help facilitate the team by phone. Or you may choose to have Jay on-site to guide the analysis, because facilitating teams is the most difficult thing to do remotely.

  4. Value Added Analysis

    Give Jay your value stream map and the cycle time for each box, arrow, and diamond on it, and he'll help you find ways to slash cycle time by 50% or more.

  5. Control Charts

    Send us your data and we'll help you choose and use the right control charts for your application.

Coaching Benefits

If we come to your site to work with your teams, these services would cost a minimum of $7,000 a day. But with our phone and email consulting you still get Lean Six Sigma improvement stories that:

  1. Are customized to your specific business, industry, and application
  2. Save you time, money, frustration, and wasted effort

How can we do this?

Although we may not know the first thing about your business or industry, by not knowing it:

  1. Jay can focus on your processes which are similar across all industries. The jargon is different, the product or service may be different, but the underlying processes are largely the same.
  2. Jay can see and hear things about your industry's beliefs and values that might blind you to opportunities. By not being inside the same "thought box" we can help you think outside of your unseen boundaries.
  3. Jay can remain objective and data driven.

Why is Jay doing this?

When you're just starting out, whether it's your first ride on a bicycle, your first date, or your first improvement team, it's natural to be a little tentative. But Jay can help you leap frog over those natural initial fears, because he has been through this many times. You may have had a parent help you take that first ride; you may have wished you had a coach for that first date; so why not have a coach for those first few improvement projects?

Or maybe you failed using Lean Six Sigma somewhere in the last decade, but your current leadership wants you to try again. Wouldn't you prefer a proven method for succeeding at quality improvement?

Green Belt Certification

Jay offers Green Belt Certification based on completion of an improvement project demonstrating your mastery of the process and tools.

  1. Pinpoint Coaching on any Lean Six Sigma topic or project:
    90 minutes ($500)
    • Prework: Analysis of existing data or project status
    • 90-minute Webinar discussion of topic, data or project plus action planning.
  2. Project Coaching: 60-90 days ($5,000) includes:
    • Five 90-minute conferences
    • Data Analysis to laser-focus an improvement project using control charts, pareto charts, or histograms
    • Unlimited email, webinar, phone Q&A
  3. Corporate Coaching: One year ($50,000) includes:
    • Monthly — One 90-minute conference with a Champion or project team
    • Data Analysis for up to 12 projects
    • Unlimited email, webinar, phone Q&A

GuaranteeRISK FREE Guarantee!

If you're not completely satisfied, you owe us nothing. If Jay can't find a way to help you laser-focus your improvement efforts in the first conference, he'll refund your investment.

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Jay Arthur, the KnowWare Man, works with companies that want to fire up their profits using Lean Six Sigma. He's the author of Lean Six Sigma Demystified and the QI Macros SPC Software for Excel. He's helped companies save millions of dollars.

Ready to accelerate your productivity and profits? Contact us to start your Lean Six Sigma Coaching.