SPC Software Comparison

Not All SPC Software is Created Equal

If you are shopping for Statistical Process Control or Six Sigma software you have several things to consider:

  • Do you want a separate, stand-alone software application or something that works right in Microsoft Excel where most of your data is located?
  • What is the statistical expertise of your users and how much time do you have to train them?
  • Do your users have other job responsibilities besides creating charts and other improvement documentation?
  • How much money do you have in your budget?

Whether evaluating based on ease of use, price, or features and functionality we believe the QI Macros comes out on top. Take a look and decide for yourself.

I trialed eight different spc software and spc for excel addins within the same price range and nothing even comes remotely close to the QI Macros. There was no comparison.

– John Janik, Ulbricht

Compare Ease of Use, Price, Features and Functions.

Ease of Use

The QI Macros add-in for Excel enables you to create a chart in three easy steps: Select - Click - Done
1. Select your data with your mouse;
Click the chart you want from the QI Macros menu on Excel's toolbar;
The QI Macros analyzes your data, performs the calculations and creates the chart.

Other SPC Software applications have complicated input screens and require users to define numerous criteria before creating a chart.

QI Macros $229
Affordable Price

Looking for the best value for the money? The QI Macros is only $229 per license and less with quantity discounts. Compare that to other SPC Software Excel add-ins which are priced at $249 per license. Stand alone SPC applications run as high as $1,495.

QI Macros charts and histograms
More Professional Chart Output

The QI Macros for Excel goes the extra mile and not only creates a chart but also formats it for the most accurate and professional presentation that can be easily copied in to Word or PowerPoint. And since the output is an Excel chart, you can perform your own customization. Many competitor charts are missing key elements. See for yourself.

QI Wizards charts and statistics wizard
Exclusive Wizards to Automate Data Analysis

The QI Macros is the only SPC Software Application with "wizards" that analyze your data and determine the right test or chart for you. Use the Statistics Wizard to simplify hypothesis testing, the PivotTable Wizard for data mining, the Control Chart Wizard to choose the right control chart automatically and the Chart Wizard to answer the question: "How should I chart this data?”.

Fill in Blank Templates and Automated Dashboards

The QI Macros contains 90+ fill in the blank templates and tools for all your Lean Six Sigma and SPC needs.  Draw flowcharts and Ishikawa diagrams, add data to control chart dashboards to streamline monthly reporting and perform advanced analysis like Gage R&R, DOE and so on. Other SPC packages charge over $1,000 extra for these types of tools.

QI Macros SPC Software is Compatible with Mac OS®

The QI Macros have been compatible with Mac Operating Systems for over 10 years. We are the only SPC software package that works on Macintosh computers and we have a 30-day trial for Mac users. To use the QI Macros, you need Excel 2011. We also have SPC Chart templates for IPads with the Numbers app.

Five Star CNET Review

CNET Editors' have reviewed the QI Macros and given it the highest rating available: "five stars and spectacular". Here is some of what they had to say:

"Since this program integrates itself into Microsoft Excel's interface, you should have no problem using it...we were able to quickly jump in and see our data come to life...We highly recommend this handy macros program for anyone in need of a way to display and analyze data."

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