Six Sigma Software for Black Belts

As a Black Belt, do you:

  • Spend too much time drawing charts for other people?
  • Not have enough time to work on improvement projects?
  • Not have the time to train others on complex Six Sigma software or the money to buy them copies?
  • Spend too much time moving data from Excel to Minitab® or JMP?

Solution: QI Macros Lean Six Sigma Software for Excel

QI Macros is an addin for Microsoft Excel that puts all of the Lean Six Sigma tools at your finger tips. Just select the data, choose a chart from the QI Macros menu and the QI Macros will do all the math and draw the graph for you.

six sigma software in Excel

QI Macros is for anyone who is working Six Sigma. It is especially useful to the student of Six Sigma since it is so affordable in relationship to its power. Other solutions exist at almost 10 times the cost but for the money there is NO better product. If you can use Excel you can use QI Macros and start making Six Sigma a reality in your work place. It takes the difficulty of the math out of the equation and lets you use the data for real decisions

Curt Goyette, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

As a Black Belt you get:

And it's easy to train others to use the QI Macros:

I had one office person go to a Greenbelt training class which used Minitab®. He came back and couldn't even create a Pareto chart. I showed him how to do it with QI Macros and he learned how to do it in, well, 5 seconds. tough stuff. 

Patient Safety Manager

Free Training: View our pre-recorded webinars at your convenience, sign up for email lessons, or read QI Macros articles and tips. Let us train your no belts how to start drawing charts!

Haven't you waited long enough to delegate charting tasks to other people so that you can do what you've been trained to do...solve problems and add money to the bottom line?

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