Do You Have A Six Sigma Mindset?

Check the answers that apply.

  1. What's the relationship between your job/work this year and your job/work last year?
    It is pretty much the same.
    It is better, improved, expanded, enhanced or enriched.
    What do you mean, relationship? Do you mean how is it different?

  2. Why did you choose your current job?
    A variety of reasons.
    I did not choose my current job; It chose me. It all began when....

  3. How do you know you have done a good job?
    People tell me.
    I just know..

  4. What is most important to you about your work or job?
    a. People (relating)
    b. Places (being)
    c. Activities (doing)
    d. Knowledge (learning)
    e. Lifestyle or things (getting/having)

  5. Using your answer to the previous question, why is that important?
    Because of what I can achieve or accomplish.
    Because of the problems it helps me avoid.

  6. I am more . . .
    big picture.

  7. I prefer to . . .
    a. get going on things.
    b. just let things happen.

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