Paynter Chart Template in Excel

* Released in the July 2019 version of QI Macros *

Easy to Use Excel Worksheet to Create a Paynter Chart

To Use the QI Macros Paynter Chart Template:

  1. Select the "Chart Templates" drop-down menu and choose, "Paynter Chart" to open the template:
  2. paynter-chart-template-menu

  3. Next, input your Chart Titles in cell B1 and your X-Axis Labels in cells C1:Y1
  4. Then, input your data in cells C2:Y5
  5. Edit-Clear Contents any unused data
  6. Double Click the "Update Chart" button.
  7. paynter-chart-template

  8. If you need to add to your Paynter Chart, input Data Label or X-Axis Label in cell B6 or Z6 - the column/row will automatically expand and then be included in your Pareto Chart. Double-click the "Update Chart" button to add new data to the Paynter Chart.

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