Water Heater Problems

Water Heater Problems

Our one year old water heater stopped working last week. Had to call in a technician. The computerized circuitry had been fried, possibly by a thunderstorm.

The tech suggested installing a surge suppressor for the water heater just like you would for a computer. Sounded like he’d seen a lot of these since our most recent round of storms.

Doesn’t it seem silly that a AOSmith would create a computerized water heater that could be fried by lightning without installing a surge suppressor? The part was under warranty, so it was replaced for free, but I bet it isn’t cheap. And I had to pay $125 for the service call.

Doesn’t it seem silly that the plumber didn’t install a $20 surge suppressor when they installed the water heater to save me $125 and hours of aggravation and cold showers?

What could be done to mistake proof this process?
1. Embed surge suppressor in the water heater electronics for a couple of bucks.
2. Install a separate one for $20.

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