Are We Teaching Students the Unnecessary Things?

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Are We Teaching Students the Unnecessary Things?

I’m here at the IISE (Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers) conference in Pittsburgh.

One professor had been teaching students how to use Excel to create control charts, but he was beginning to feel like that was a waste of classroom time (duh!).

I beat him up a little for teaching DIY Excel stuff to students. If the professor does it, they think that’s how it’s done. With QI Macros he can get them right into analysis.

I feel the same way at ASA (American Statistical Association) when they use “R” to do statistics. Sure it’s free, but should statisticians be programming in “R” or just using software to achieve the same result.

If you want students to be programmers, have them study Computer Science, not engineering.

Many IE and SE graduates are still looking for a job. Several asked me if we had any openings.
America has a lot of emphasis on STEM education, but is that where the jobs are?

My B.S. in Systems Engineering has barely been used.
Instead, my 4 credits of computer programming have become my career.

Fortunately, the Magnificent Seven Tools of Lean Six Sigma can solve most business problems.

Perhaps every student needs basic understanding of problem solving using these tools.

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