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Nobody Wants to Read Your Spreadsheet!

Nobody wants to read your spreadsheet! No matter how hard you try to make it pretty, create great labels or whatever, the only person who can read your spreadsheet is a CFO or Excel spreadsheet geek. And the Excel geek is going to tell you 10 ways to make it prettier.

The purpose of data is to provide insights for action, not just report past performance.

How Do I Know That Most Excel Users Try to Make Their Spreadsheets Readable By People?
According to Renu Davi, Sr. Program Manager for Excel, Microsoft tracks how people use Excel. The vast majority of the 650 million users use it for lists and reports.

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Minitab and Excel: Which Should I Use and When?

In a recent blog post, Minitab asked: “Have you ever found yourself switching back and forth between a Microsoft Excel file and Minitab Statistical Software just to complete a single analysis?”

Comparing Minitab to Excel (without QI Macros) is a bit like comparing a calculator to an abacus.

If you have the QI Macros add-in for Excel, you don’t have to switch. You can do everything in Excel.

Creating Graphs with Raw Data Easily

The blogger says: “Just try creating a Pareto Chart in Excel…I dare you!”

I’ll take that dare. If you have a column of defects (below), just click on the title for the column and choose the QI Macros Pareto Chart.

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1and1.com SNAFU

1and1 took down our website today for nonpayment. Probably cost me a thousand dollars or more of lost revenue.

Of course they swore they sent notices to my email. When the system finally came up I found that the contact email was gimacros.com, not qimacros.com…a G not a Q. No one in my firm is dumb enough to misspell qimacros, so it had to be someone at 1and1.

I found this out several months ago and tried to change it, but 1and1’s system said my street address didn’t exist; there was no such thing as South Oneida St, only Oneida St (North)–44 blocks away in a different zipcode.

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