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Lean Response to COVID-19

We know that Lean can collapse cycle time by 75% or more. Here’s what that means for COVID-19:

“Hi, I’m Jay Arthur, author of “Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals” and QI Macros [software].

“If you’ve ever done any Lean projects, you know pretty much if the process is this long {gestures}, with Value Stream Mapping and Spaghetti Diagramming, you can collapse that by maybe 75%, 80%, 90%. You can actually reduce the cycle time for almost anything and do it easily.

“One of the things that is creating optimism for me is that a few years ago I worked with an aerospace manufacturing company, and typically to get a Request For Proposal through, it was 1.9

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Insights from ASQ Phoenix – 2018

Here are my takeaways from the ASQ conference in Phoenix.


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All You Need Is Lean

QI Macros exhibited at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) conference in Boston. Some attendees thought that “All You Need Is Lean.” Others thought you need Lean and Six Sigma.

Lean will help you simplify and streamline your operations, and then you’ll need Six Sigma to optimize the process.

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Are We Bastardizing Six Sigma with Lean?

Got an email from one of my friends in the Six Sigma community about combining Lean with Six Sigma into a “bastardized” version of both. Here’s the email:

Jay- thank you for publically stating how Lean and Six Sigma are different yet, how they are gravitating toward each other because of their complimentary areas of focus. I can’t tell you how many times I have had this “discussion” with practitioners in the field who view them as competing or mutually exclusive disciplines. That is unbelievably counter productive and perpetuates the flavor of the week urban legend.

When I interviewed for my current job the interviewer said that (I am paraphrasing) he was waiting to see which one wins out in reference to all of these quality programs that are “out there.”

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Lean Wine Making

I visited Florida for the NAHQ conference. Went to the Florda Orange Grove and Winery. They make wines from fruits like oranges, tangelos, pineapples etc.
Unlike traditional wineries that have to harvest grapes in the fall and process all of them, this “winery” works in smaller batches of 1,000 gallons at a time. Fruit is available virtually all year around, so they only make what they need based on customer demand. And tney’ve been growing because they can keep costs low and inventory low.

Small is the new Big!

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Manufacturing Returns to the USA

In the March 2012 HBR, Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, talks about bringing manufacturing back to America. “Today at GE we are outsourcing less and producing more in the U.S. We created more than 7,000 jobs in 2010 and 2011.”

GE, like many other companies, have found the offshoring manufacturing isn’t always the boon it was thought to be. In Choosing the United States, authors Michael E. Porter and Jan W. Rikin show that the initial costs of outsourcing are high and the expected benefit declines rapidly by year four. There are many “hidden costs” of offshoring including many indirect costs like the lessened ability to respond to shifts in demand and loss of intellectual property.

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Amazon’s use of Lean Manufacturing

Good insights.

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