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Lean Six Sigma in Government

Every business, government included, suffers from unnecessary delays, defects and deviation that consume one-third of the total budget. Lean Six Sigma can eliminate these problems which could either reduce taxes or pay for healthcare, education and a host of other needed services.

The Army has used Six Sigma to save $17 Billion. The Veterans Administration has used Six Sigma to improve outcomes and reduce costs for healthcare.

As a small business having spent 10 months and thousands of dollars to get on the GSA schedule, I can tell you that there was 9 months and 29 days of delay in the burdensome bureaucratic process that could have been eliminated.

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PSA Test – a Public Health Disaster

Dr. Richard J. Albin, creator of the PSA test for prostate cancer, says that the devastating consequences treatments including surgery and radiation therapy caused:

  •  5,000 deaths soon after surgery
  • up to 70,000 serious complications
  • 50% had persistent blood in their semen
  • up to 300,000 suffered impotence, incontinence or both.

He now calls the widespread use of the PSA test a “Public Health Disaster.”  As a result of these findings, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force will recommend that healthy men no longer receive PSA testing.

Unnecessary tests and treatments of all kinds are estimated to cost $250 Billion in the U.S.

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Obama Asks Factory Workers To Up Their Game

President Obama said he wants “the cars and planes and wind turbines of the future to bear the proud stamp that says ‘Made in America.'”

This means that those products have to be made more reliably and cost effectively in America than elsewhere. The only way to do that is by simplifying, streamlining and optimizing every aspect of manufacturing, not just the factory floor, using Lean Six Sigma.

Manufacturing employment has declined from 30% twenty years ago to less than 10% today. Even if manufacturing returns to America, Lean, robotic factories will be needed to achieve the cost effective solutions required.

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High Cost of Airport Security

The Washington Post reported that airport security by TSA since 9/11/2001 cost $57.2 billion, but “has yet to catch one [terrorist].”

I think we all feel put on by increasingly more invasive, high tech security. High tech body scans just automate manual pat-downs. It’s not better; it’s just high tech. It costs each traveler an extra hour. Is it worth it?

In W. Edwards Deming’s Out of the Crisis (pg. 415), Deming advocated that if the cost of inspection exceeds the cost of a failure, then you should stop inspection. If the cost of failure exceeds the cost of testing, then you need 100% inspection.

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