Motorola Citrus not talking to email

Motorola Citrus not talking to email

I recently upgraded from a simple cell phone to the Motorola Citrus. Imagine my surprise when, after hours of fiddling with the thing, I just couldn’t get it to take the POP and SMTP servers.

Using OTHER, I input my account, but when I changed the pop servers from my website name, to the email servers, it failed to connect and asked if my email uses POP. When I clicked POP, it had reset the servers to my website naame:

As a software geek, I knew this had to be a software problem. I tried to see if there was a software upgrade for the phone. No luck.

When I went back to the phone store, we were able to set up my account on an HTC Incredible in about two minutes.

Needless to say, I upgraded.

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