Why Diet's Don't Work

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Why Diet’s Don’t Work

In this TED talk, Sandra Aamodt explains the science behind Why Diets Don’t Work.

From a Six Sigma standpoint, if a countermeasure doesn’t work, you haven’t found the right solution or the correct root cause.

What is a countermeasure that works? For Sandra it was “mindful eating”–eating when hungry; eating what will feel good over time, not just in the moment.

Isn’t that what we all do: we learn how to do something until it falls into unconscious incompetence and then we keep doing it wrong. We do this personally and in our work.

What’s the way out? Mindfulness to change the habit or routine until a new, better one takes its place.

Root cause analysis is often easy. Persisting in using the new method, strategy or tool until it becomes the unconsciously competent way of doing things takes time and effort.

Why isn’t your “diet” working?



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