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Signal versus Noise

“Our evolutionary instincts sometimes lead us to see patterns when there are none there. People have been doing this all the time – finding patterns in random noise.” –┬áTomaso Poggio People just need a way to separate the Signal from the Noise. Here are some insights from the book by Nate Silver.  

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Focus of Lean Six Sigma Projects

At the Shingo Conference in Atlanta this week, Professor George Easton presented findings from a study of two company’s Six Sigma projects. He split them in many ways, but the simplest view uses operations management metrics: quality, cost, delivery, flexibility and innovation. Here are Pareto charts of the two companies. Both focus on quality, but […]

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Mistake-Proofing Simplified

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Correlation not Causation

As John Johnson and Mike Gluck point out in their book, EVERYDATA, ice cream consumption and murder rates both go up in the summer, but that does not mean that eating ice cream causes murder. Rising summer temperatures seem to be involved. They also provide a link to Tyler Vigen’s website, Spurious Correlations. Does U.S. […]

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Hassle Week 5/7/16

This week CenturyLink cancelled our voicemail seemingly at random. Had to call to have it restored. My problem: unnecessary rework; time 30 minutes. Root cause? unknown. There was a 25% off coupon in my mailbox for my local Ace Hardware. But when I went to check out, the system wouldn’t accept my coupon. I had […]

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Miss Universe 2015 Cue Card Redesigned

Steve Harvey misread the results of the final ballot at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. Was it the cue card or the teleprompter? Here’s the cue card:         Could the card have been designed in ascending order?             Did the teleprompter operator misread the card or Steve? […]

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Two-Table Wedding Reception Kanban

I recently attended a niece’s wedding. There was a serving line for dinner, so they invited up one table and then another and then another until the line stretched out the door onto the patio. Most of us stood in line for 15-20 minutes waiting to be served. I kept thinking wouldn’t it have been […]

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Three Simple Rules for Lean Organization

In The Organized Mind, author Daniel J. Levitin describes three rules for general organization: A mislabeled item or location is worse than an unlabeled item. If there is an existing standard, use it. Recycling bins, for example, are blue. Don’t keep what you can’t use. Discard it.

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Hospital Readmission Penalties

After a few adjustments to the data, CMS announced that 2,217 hospitals will be penalized this year, and 307 will be hit with the 1 percent maximum penalty. All in all, hospitals were assessed a total penalty of about $280 million this year. Rooting Out Readmissions

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Looking for Lean Visuals

I have found that people understand Lean more easily when I can show them examples in the “real world.” Subway, for example, is a Lean work cell. Your kitchen is a Lean work cell. And I also look for places where people have “made things visual and self explanatory,” One of the principles of Lean. […]

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