Can Your Culture Embrace Lean Six Sigma?

Can Your Culture Embrace Lean Six Sigma?

In his new book, The Year Without Pants, Scott Berkun talks about working at WordPress.

In Chapter 4, Culture Always Wins, Scott says: “Concepts like Lean Six Sigma are management ideas that became popular in huge waves, heralded as silver bullets for workplaces. The promise of a trend is grand, but the result never is. Rarely do the consultants championing, and profiting from, these ideas disclose how superficial the results will be unless they’re placed in a culture healthy enough to support them.”

Jack Welch spent decades creating a culture that embraces change at GE. Most companies have not. Most, like the Baby Bell I worked for, seek to maintain the status quo, and are resistant to improvements.

Is your culture ready for Lean Six Sigma?

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