Are You Up to Amazon Speed?

Are You Up to Amazon Speed?

Amazon ships products within 2.5 hours of a customer order according to a September, 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine article: The Race Has Just Begun. Although this packing and shipping process has a lot of manual work, Amazon has cut the time for this process by 25 percent in the last two years. In some cities the order can be delivered on the same day.

“Bezos has turned Amazon into an unprecedented speed demon that can give you anything you want. Right. Now.” says J.J. McCorvey, the article’s author.

What would happen to your business if you cut the order fulfillment process by 25 percent? Happier customers? Fewer errors? More sales?

While Amazon has fought collecting sales taxes, it has changed its tune. Amazon now thinks the benefits of online retailing and localized delivery will offset the cost of collecting sales tax. This will allow Amazon to have a physical presence in more cities and integrate delivery of products, food or whatever.

As I wrote in Free, Perfect and Now, speed is the new killer app. Is your business up to Amazon speed?

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