Four Million Dollars Wasted on Six Sigma

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Four Million Dollars Wasted on Six Sigma

In a recent podcast, Michael George, former CEO of the George Group admitted that one Cleveland Chemical company spent $4 Million on Six Sigma training without bottom-line results. George believes this is because the CEO did not take training or do a project.

I agree with George’s comment that “Education creates understanding; practice creates belief.” I disagree with his belief that CEOs have to be trained and do a project.

I have found that companies can start getting results in five days with only a day of training on the key tools. It doesn’t take CEO commitment to do this, just a dedicated team with a sponsorship. To change a culture requires a series of projects over time. This can happen with or without┬áthe CEO.

CEOs turnover all the time. The goal is to get this way of thinking into the marrow of the corporation, not the head.

When as little as 4% of the employees experience and adopt Six Sigma, it will stick in the corporate mindset. When 16-25% adopt, Six Sigma will take off and sweep through the organization converting the CEO as well.

Truthfully, if my clients spent $4 Million and got no bottom line results, I’d be embarrassed. Of course, I can help them start getting results immediately for less than $25,000. The risk is minimal and I offer a money-back guarantee.


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