Regression Residuals Analysis in Excel

You Don't Have to be a Statistician to Run Residuals Analysis

Regression Analysis Calculations in QI Macros

When you run regression analysis using QI Macros Excel Add in, the output is displayed in two sections of your Excel Workbook.

Regression Summary Output

.See our regression analysis page for more detail on how to interpret and use these results

regression calculations in QI Macros

Regression Residuals Output and Probability Output

regression analysis residuals data and probability data

Draw a Residuals Plot in Excel

To draw a plot of the residuals data in Excel, click and drag over the residuals data in column F and then Insert a Scatter Chart using Excels Chart Tools:

To Draw a Residuals Line Fit Using QI Macros:

Select the data in A24:A44 then press the Ctrl key and select the data in E24:E44. Next click on QI Macros Menu and select the "Box, Dot & Scatter Plot" drop-down menu and choose "Scatter":


QI Macros will Create a Scatter Plot with the slope equation and the R square value to indicate goodness of fit:

Regression line plot using QI Macros

To Draw a Normal Probability Plot Using QI Macros

Click and drag over the data from I24 to J44 to select it and then select Scatter Chart from QI Macros Menu:

regression analysis probability plot using QI Macros

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