Gage R&R Template for Excel

QI Macros Gage R&R Template is Easy to Use

gage r&r template in Excel

  1. Select the Gage R&R Template from the QI Macros menu in Excel
  2. Drop your Gage R&R study results into the Gage R&R template
  3. The Gage R&R Template will perform all of the calculations from you

QI Macros Gage R&R Template Contains These Studies

Click on the above links for more detailed explanations and screen shots. See screen shots of the primary Gage R&R Study template below.

QI Macros for Excel Gage R&R Study Template Screenshots

Gage R&R Study Input Sheet

Using sample data from the AIAG Measurement Systems Analysis Third Edition.gage r&r input sheet

Gage R&R Study Average and Range Method Result

gage r&r average and range method

Gage R&R Study ANOVA Results

gage r&r anova method

Gage R&R Video Series

Gage R&R Training Resources

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