Gage R&R Template for Excel

You Don't Have to be an Expert to Conduct a Gage R&R Study

QI Macros Template Performs the Calculations and Interprets the Results

Example of Gage R&R Template Input Area

Just drop your study results into the yellow shaded input fields.

gage r&r input sheet

This example uses sample data from the AIAG Measurement Systems Analysis Fourth Edition.

Example of Gage R&R Template - Average and Range Method Results

  1. Key cells are shaded with yellow or red based on their values.
  2. A message regarding Gage System acceptability and recommendations are provided.
  3. NDC Calculation indicates whether you have enough part variation for a valid test.

average and range method calculations

QI Macros calculations are compatible with AIAG Measurement Systems Analysis - MSA, Fourth Edition


The QI Macros saved us a ton of time. They take all the guesswork out of it. 

- Richard Nardini, Apptec

Example of Gage R&R Study - ANOVA Results

gage r&R anova calculations

Template Draws Control Charts, Histograms, Scatter and Box Plots

QI Macros template creates numerous charts to help you analyze the results. Here are some examples:

Part by Appraiser Plot (Stacked)
part by appraiser chart
Appraiser 1 - Normalized Error
normalized error

Not Sure How to Conduct a Gage R&R Study?

Here are Some Free Training Resources

Other Charts Included in QI Macros Add-in for Excel

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