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Quality Consultants and Trainers


Helps organizations increase performance through consulting and education in quality management technologies. Services include Root Cause Analysis and Measuring Process Performance.

Daniel Bloom and Associates - Six Sigma for HR 
Six Sigma for Human Resources - Guiding Individuals and Organizations on a Journey towards greater productivity.

View golf improvement from a systems perspective, in order to reveal true potential and deliver breakthrough performance gains.

Lab Accreditation - ISO/IEC 17025

Premier Performance

Premier Performance Network

Premier Performance is an organization of over 50 consultants who have worked for more than 15 years in the field of corporate performance and quality improvement.


Quality One International

Delivers Customized Technical Training, with industry-specific examples, processes and terminology. Participants can expect a completely interactive training experience, with team activities and relevant exercises.

The 9000 Store
We make it easy for you - our products save you time and money starting from scratch. Even if you use a consultant someone will need to create these items.

The Performance Management Group

Helps companies realize greater returns on capital invested for its shareholders and employees through strategy, analytics and operational excellence.

Worldwide Quality Network, Inc. 
Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2000 Experts 
Provides consulting and development services to organizations enabling them to focus on their business by teaching them how to control their processes and internal controls. Specializes in implementing LEAN ISO 9001 quality systems.

Lean Six Sigma Software and Other Tools

kpi fire

Lean Six Sigma Project and Program Management Software

Microsoft Excel Resources


Other Quality Tools and References

Reference Books

If you don't have a good statistical reference book, I can recommend:

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