Histogram | One-Sided Tolerance

It's easy to run a Histogram, with a One-Sided / Unilateral Tolerance, using QI Macros SPC software.

To Create a One-Sided Tolerance Histogram, follow these steps:

  1. Run a Histogram and select "Cancel" when asked for either the USL or LSL, depending on what aspect of your data you wish to have one-sided. You may use the default spec limits or input your own.

  2. Histogram One-Side Tolerance Example 1


    One Sided Tolerance Example 2

    (If you select, "Cancel" on both the USL and LSL prompts, you will receive a chart with minimal metrics)

  3. Next, name your chart, along with the x and y-axis.
  4. Below is an example of a One-Sided Histogram, created with the LSL cancelled. Notice the Cp, CpL, Cpm, Cr, Pp, and PpL metrics are not calculated; these are not included with one-sided Histograms, when the LSL is not included (vice versa when the USL is not included):
  5. One Sided Tolerance Example 3

And here's how to create a One-Sided / Unilateral Tolerance Histogram, using the QI Macros Template:

If you would like to create a One-Sided Histogram using the Lean Six Sigma Templates portion of QI Macros, simply delete the USL or LSL and leave the cell blank.

Do not put a "0" into the cell:

    One Sided Template Example 4

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